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This weather is not just a pain in the neck and every other body part you can identify.

The state of New York is experiencing power grid pains as peak electricity usage could break a record set in back in 2006. Consumers are being asked to conserve, but all they do is crank up their air conditioners on this fifth and final day of an extreme;y brutal heatwave.

Peak demand will reach 34,450 megawatts Thursday. That would break the current record of 33,939 MW set in August 2006, before industrial and commercial businesses reduced power usage during the recession. One megawatt can power about 1,000 homes.

The heatwave is now affecting folks who live in many parts of the country, with little relief in sight.Temperatures in New York City are expected to reach 97 degrees Fahrenheit (36 C) Thursday and 94 F on Friday before thunderstorms break the heatwave on Saturday.

Stay safe but conserve is the best advice we can offer and try to remember those days when it was cold outdoors. Now how do you feel?

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Con Ed is doing the conserving themselves, whether I want to or not. My AC and ceiling fans are not running at full power during the heatwave, making what I'm using, totally inefficient. The irony is, I may have to go out and get a small window AC to compensate. But I guess that's better than sitting in the dark, like on the other end of the Island, because these dim bulbs would rather roll back voltage in problem areas, than increase capacity. I spent good money for air conditioning and pay the highest friggin rates in the country and I can't even enjoy it. Constant Brownouts and Blackouts has been problem on this island for decades, it isn't the heat's fault, believe me, and it's way past due for people who have say around here to say to Con Ed, enough! Con Ed guy told me once, the running joke about CI is, "What do Fathers on City Island get for Fathers Day?...Flashlights. Some joke. Here's another joke... let's add another restaurant, and a senior resident facility to the lines....baahaha!

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