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Submitted by ub on Thu, 12/20/2012 - 14:55

The holidays are a busy time for so many of us, including our families and friends. They bring gatherings, social time with colleagues, and opportunities to give generously to causes that we care so deeply about.

This year feels different and it's really not business as usual. This ongoing story speaks of a breach of trust so deep it’s hard to comprehend. The violence visited upon young students and their teachers in Connecticut stops many of us cold. The festive mood of the season is shrouded by a nation's shock and mourning.

Sometimes it is difficult to formulate an authentic response to such a tragedy. We can join debates on gun control, media ethics, domestic violence, and the lack of mental health services. But think about what you might personally do to make a difference. believes we must continue creating. When it’s not our community to grieve with, when it’s not our family and friends to comfort, we can put our hands to creating a world where personal investment in place-making and building a vibrant community matters.

City Island Images is inspired every day by all you and by the many friends who come to to deepen their personal expression and experience of place, to explore solutions, and to connect with others who want to learn. You affirm life by all these actions.

As we build our place and our on-line community, you give our world hope. And you make grateful to be connected to a cause that is helping to seed a hopeful future.

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