Help Puerto Rico

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Because Trump does not care. He finally tweets about Puerto Rico and draws criticism with off-color comments.

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After visiting San Juan, Rep. Nydia Velazquez & Assemblyman Marcos Crespo discuss the devastation in Puerto Rico.

American citizens who live in Puerto Rico are making plans for an exodus to the US mainland, searching for safety and security following the human disaster caused by hurricane Maria. Americans in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands are danger and need our help now. Puerto Rico governor pleads with Congress: "We need more help"

In my City Island neighborhood alone, one proud Puerto Rican veteran, who we spoke with is opening his home for family members who are arriving, including his mother, aunts, and cousins. The Bronx is located in the northernmost of NYC, with an overwhelming number of Latinos. In fact, The US Census says the NYC borough is the most diverse area in our entire nation.

Meanwhile, as Congress considers dealing with the devastation, they are pushing for quick approval of relief funding and bracing for a political financing brawl for these American territories. Donald Trump finally notices Puerto Rico—long enough to blame them for their problems…

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Trump finally mentions helping Puerto Rico, but only after five ex-presidents did