Here We Go Again

Submitted by ub on Fri, 05/04/2012 - 10:05

NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg is once again threatening to eliminate City Island Ladder Company 53 in his latest city budget.

City Islander's lives and their property will be in danger, as well as the very special quality of life in this “New-England-esque” type of atmosphere, which islanders enjoy on City Island. Local residents and businesses will definitely suffer, if the mayor's plan come to fruition.

The plight of Ladder 53 and firehouses from around the city that were recently spared the budget axe is surfacing once again, according to NYC Councilman Jimmy Vacca. He points out that City Islanders have fought the proposed closure of their ladder company four times before and won. Vacca says "I can promise that we will be out in full-force fighting once again! Every year it has been the same fight and every year the City has heard our defense. No one can justify doubling response time and nobody can tell us that residents, businesses, and visitors to the Island’s 33 restaurants will be safe if Ladder 53 is eliminated. No one can tell us our budget is so dire that public safety might be jeopardized. Fire companies in our City should never be considered for closure and I will insist that the Council restore this funding."

Therefore, now for the fifth time, City Island's firehouse is on the city's budget chopping block. Response Time explains why the removal of Ladder 53 would put the lives and property of City Island residents in tremendous danger.