Hiring Best or Worst?

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says it has donated hotel profits from foreign governments to the US Treasury, but why won’t say how much?

Has @POTUS been hiring the best people to represent the US and make America great? @realDonaldTrump promised his base he would hire the best people, so why does he keep hiring the worst and making mistakes?

He claimed to be self-funding by hiring the best, not the biggest donors... So what happened to his promises?

Trump promised to hire "... the best people, and repeated it several times, suggesting that whenever he keeps repeating something beware. Was it a mean-spirited trick, or a treat, is this one of his big ideas gone bust, or perhaps a bait and switch?

How many people has he lost or fired in one year? We never had this drama with @POTUS44, @BarackObama at @WhiteHouse. What's going on America? We deserve to know!

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