Homeland Security

Submitted by Admin on Wed, 03/04/2015 - 10:13

The Department of Homeland Security debacle points to many more years of government gridlock, unless all Americans get mad as hell and threaten the representatives who work for US.

US Congress it out of control and voters need to put pressure of their elected representatives. The recent Homeland Security shutdown scares over immigration reform, by GOP refusing to fund the federal program established to protect the American people have pointed to a lack of planning.

By picking another political fight with President Obama, the Republicans could have jeopardized the safety of many families in the US, that they took an oath to serve. These political games of chicken were not only absurd, but they were also downright dangerous.

The United States of America and the global melting pot, which are the people of this great nation of have huge challenges ahead. Republicans, as well as Democrats must stop this outrageous infighting and work together on behalf of all the people. There was a time when foreigners were welcomed with open arms.

It is time for all politicians to put an end to all of their partisan games, once and for all and begin doing the jobs they were elected to carry out. The US Senate and US House of Representatives needs to get busy on enacting an agenda that creates new jobs, increases payrolls, encourages investment, and most of all puts American families first.