Horrendous Harvey

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This massive storm is testing the spirits of folks deep in the heart of Texas. As deaths continue to increase as a result of Harvey, this once a century storm has dumped more rain in a widespread part of southeast Texas which has so far received double digits of rain, with some locations passing 25 inches.

And why is the destruction of the past being repeated as the flood threat from #Harvey is now spreading into Louisiana? Roads have become rivers in #Houston and surrounding areas. At least 30 inches of rain so far and thousands of rescue calls to officials.

This climatological nightmare called #Harvey is unprecedented and all impacts are unknown and far beyond anything that has ever been experienced. Follow orders from public safety officials to ensure safety.

Full extent of Harvey’s aftermath starts to come into chilling focus

Did climate change intensify Hurricane Harvey?

The National Hurricane Center is issuing advisories for the Atlantic on Harvey and a Potential Tropical Cyclone.

US Army Corps has decided to open dams to stem Houston flooding

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#Harvey floods Houston as residents hunker down for days of rain:

‘We just didn’t have the money’: Hurricane victims ‘have nothing left’ because evacuation costs too much…

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