Hospital Carnage

Submitted by ub on Fri, 06/30/2017 - 19:04

At a 120-year-old Bronx Lebanon Hospital, a gunman shot several people and killed one, then tried to set himself on fire on the 17th floor, before he killed himself. He managed to get an AR 15 assault rifle inside the hospital. The questions that beg to be asked is whey is there no metal detectors at these public hospitals?

NYPD says at approx 2:55 pm a 911 call was received reported a male firing a gun on the 16th floor of Bronx Lebanon Hospital.

This was not an act of terrorism, @NYCMayor says of Bronx hospital shooting. "It was an isolated incident."

Shooting at hospital appears to be workplace related matter; one doctor dead, shooter killed himself - NYC Mayor

Bronx shooting suspect tried to set himself on fire, @westonphippen reports

One Dead, Six Injured After Shooting at Bronx Hospital

NYPD: Dr. Henry Bello kills physician, himself in hospital shooting