How Do You Prevent Hypothermia?

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We're still having a heatwave, so dress for coolness. Wear light tops and shorts. Now, time to go outside... Take a deep breath and be cool. The good news is that the hot, humid triple-digit scorcher, which taxed ConEd's electrical grid and made life uncomfortable is expected to simmer down, but forecasters say the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic will still be under that darn heat dome, which refuses to die. The National Weather Service says temperatures will begin to ease, but are expected remain in the 90s.

In New York City, tourists crowded near shady areas The Baked Apple, where folks who are selling spray bottles with fans attached are making a killing.

The bubble of hot air developed over the Midwest earlier this week and has caused more than a dozen deaths as it moved eastward. As of Saturday, the medical examiner's office in Chicago listed heat stress or heat stroke as the causes of death for eight people.

Commuter trains were packed as thousands of New Yorkers headed to City beaches, in Long Island or New Jersey. Four city beaches were under a pollution warning after a fire earlier in the week at a waste-water plant forced officials to dump millions of gallons of raw sewage into the Hudson River.

About 10,000 customers remained without power in New York City and its suburbs, and another 9,000 in New Jersey, after parts of the region's electrical network failed. Power utility Con Edison said it was reducing the voltage in 69 other New York neighborhoods to ease the load caused by thousands of air conditioners.

City officials said water usage soared as folks tried to keep cool. This weekend. it hovered around 1.5 billion gallons a day, about 50 percent higher than normal, said Environmental Protection Officials.

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Days like today you just go outside. Warming up if you're too cold is no problem. It's
more of a problem in January. If you're worried about HYPERthermia, find a way to cool down. ;=)