Submitted by ub on Mon, 03/31/2014 - 21:11

CABLE TV - I have the unfortunate experience of living in an area that is solely serviced by only one cable provider. This has been nothing but bad luck. Avoid them at all costs for the following reasons:

Expensive - Minimum charge per month just for wifi, whereas other providers charge significantly less for the same service.

Spotty Service - In just one year, I had several incidents when the wifi stopped working and I was forced to call a technician. The technician arrived late and took over an hour to fix the problem, wasting my time. I spoke to others and some people had worse experience than I did. I live in a small building that was wired specifically for cable so I have no idea why the units experienced such variance in connectivity.

Modem breakdown - Upon leaving the area and disconnecting cable service, they neglect to pick up their modem. When speaking to the representative on the phone about shutting down service, she did not even mention needing to get it back or how to go about it. Then they charge a whole lot more than the equipment is worth.

I pay lots of money for the benefit of enjoying uninterrupted service 24/7, but it is my opinion that I can not depend on it as the service continually breaks down.

This monopoly needs to be broken up immediately. Their service has gone down several times over the weekend and complaining is virtually impossible.

I have called just to be put on hold and finally when I got an agent on the phone, I was told that my line had been disconnected. Tell me something I do not know.