How Does It Feel?

Submitted by ub on Fri, 03/08/2019 - 04:33

Could it be happening here again that our government has decided to make a list of anyone who speaks for truth and justice for all?

Are we still living in a Democracy, is it a Monarchy, Republicanism, ToTaliTarianism, Fascism, DicTaTorship, Communism, or oliGarchy?

An enemies list is the name of what starts by identifying political opponents who are compiled by government officials who they feel are subversive, or somehow threaten the state, if they dare to disagree or question certain actions.

Are we talking about the same home of the brave and lead of the free our nationm’s Founding fathers established for all indivisible with truth and justice for all?

‪Source: Leaked Documents Show the U.S. Government Tracking Journalists and Immigration Advocates Through a Secret Database……

Are we living in a democracy or is it moving in a totally different direction? A new Russian bill introduces punishment for insulting state

‪DHS watchdog, Congress now probing secret government database tracking journalists and activists…

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