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This week, yet another unspeakable tragedy took place in US. This time on the campus of Umpqua Community College in Oregon. As a democracy, we grieve for those who lost their lives, for the families who lost their loved ones, and for the community that lost its sense of peace. Since the December 2012 shooting in Newtown, CT, there have been at least 142 school shootings in US. This is an average of nearly one a week.Why is there little being done, other talk and empty promises from our leaders?

A crazed 20 year old gunman named Chris Harper-Mercer who went on Thursday’s rampage at an Oregon college, idolized the Nazis and the IRA, despised organized religion and said killing could bring a person fame.

City Images suggests all of US ask the following questions???

What is gun control?
How many people own guns?
Is there public support for gun control?
How common are mass shootings in USA?
Where is violence most common in America?
What about for particular gun control policies?
When were the deadliest shootings in US history?
Why are mass shootings becoming more common?
How do mass shootings affect public opinion on this issue?
Is the number of guns related to the number of US homicides?
Is the United States an especially violent place, compared to other countries?

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