Hurricane Irma

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There's nothing sober, gentle, or sedate about Irma's arrival to the US mainland. As the category 4 hurricane begins an assault on Key West, it is expected to take its time drenching the Florida flatlands.

If there is anyone in the area and finds the winds going calm, you're in the eye, but do not go out. Stay inside! Winds dramatically shift and will do so violently! STAY PUT

Florida Sheriff: Do Not Shoot at Hurricane | Florida News | US News…

Hurricane Irma's northern eyewall reaches Key West @CNN

Irma centered just off Key West, Florida

Hurricane Irma lashes the Florida Keys as nearly 500,000 lose power:

Category 4 Hurricane Irma begins an assault on Florida Keys

Hurricane Irma roars into the Florida Keys, brings deadly storm surge

Historic 15-foot storm surges could strike southern Florida as #HurricaneIrma makes landfall.

Will there be more flat lands flooding in the future?