Submitted by ub on Fri, 08/26/2011 - 21:18

IRENE is a big and powerful storm, which has not been seen in the NY Metropolitan area for decades. Officials say our greatest threat will come from powerful winds and severe flooding conditions.

Many people throughout the area have been rushing in and out of our local stores wanting to purchase supplies. Supermarkets report selling lots of water, canned foods, even candles, lighters and matches. City Islander Mary Arena, who works at Buddy's Hardware, on the island says the store saw lots of traffic today and added that she was very busy. Mary mentioned that from the moment she arrived, folks have been buying all types of supplies. In fact, several locals, including Hanz Nika left the shop disappointed after not being able to find any batteries, not even a flashlight was left of the shelves.

Everyone agreed that City Island's most dangerous flood zones are the so called wetlands, located on the west side of the island, between Tier street and Cross street. The bottom line is- If in doubt, get out!

Meanwhile. zone A residents have been ordered to evacuate ASAP - This means right now, before mass transit shuts down at noon tomorrow. Airports, AMTRAK are also going be closed. Remember, there is a serious storm coming!

Finally, when another storm named Irene hit back in 2005 and also in 1999, Irene was no more than a Category 2. Meteorologists are now saying that this Irene could be a Category 3, with 65 million people in its path. Unpredictable and dangerous? Irene, your name could very well be retired. When a storm is strong enough that it will probably be remembered for several generations to come, the World Meteorological Association retires the name. For example, the name “Katrina,” for instance, has been retired and is no longer up for grabs. Irene means ‘peace'.