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IRENE, the first major hurricane to hit USA in three years may soon be making landfall and this storm may hit far from where such storms normally strike, so please prepare ASAP.

Officials say it’s still too early to tell exactly how hard Irene might hit NYC, with weekend scenarios ranging from sunny and breezy to rainy and dangerously windy, NOAA’s National Hurricane Center offers tips on preparing for the high winds, heavy rains and flooding.

Develop a Plan:

The NHC suggests locating a safe room or area for each hurricane hazard, including storm surge, flooding and wind, and planning an escape route and meeting place in case you must evacuate. Remember to include pets.

Post emergency telephone numbers by your phones and make sure your children call 911.

Create a disaster supply kit:

Your supply kit should include:

— Water (at least one gallon daily per person for three to seven days, according to the NHC);

— Non-perishable packaged or canned foods

— Non-electric can opener and disposable plates and utensils

— Blankets and pillows

— Clothing, including rain gear and sturdy shoes

— First aid kit and prescription medications

— Flashlight, radio and batteries

— Fully charged cell phone with an extra battery

— Cash and credit cards

— Important Social Security cards, insurance, and medical records in a watertight plastic bag

— Tools and special gadgets you may need.

— Keys and extra supplies.

— Special items for infants, the elderly and pets.

Secure your home:

Protect homes from wind and debris by reinforcing: roof, straps, shutters, doors and garage.

Also note that flood damage is often not covered by homeowners insurance.

Determine your vulnerability:

There are resources online — including maps and assessment tools — to help determine how vulnerable you are to hurricane and tropical storm hazards.