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Opeinios are like belly buttons

All Americans should continue supporting local journalism efforts that have always been crucial to our US democratic process.

“It was the stuff national headlines are supposed to be built on: A hyperlocal outlet does the legwork, regional papers verify and amplify the story, and before long an emerging political scandal is being broadcast coast to coast. But that system, which has atrophied for decades amid the destruction of news economies, appears to have failed completely this time.”

Hyperlocal journalism refers to the coverage of events and topics on a microscopic, local scale. An example might be a website that covers a specific neighborhood or even a particular section or block of a neighborhood.

The following is one example of how local news serves its community with this headline and digital content. 

Back in September of last year, The North Shore Leader broke t story when few others were covering Santos, about his “inexplicable rise” in reported net worth, from essentially nothing in 2020 to as much as $11 million two years later.

The local paper reported on the Santos story. The North Shore Leader had declared that the Republican nominee was “most likely just a fabulist—a fake.”

Santos Filings Now Claim Net Worth of $11 Million https://www.theleaderonline.com/single-post/santos-filings-now-claim-ne…

It’s nothing new for public servants to make false statements to the local press. This practice has unfortunately evolved into an art form in the era of Trump. Thankfully, some local journalists are increasingly pushing back, even as some remain reluctant to do so to avoid the appearance of bias.

The Washington Post is now reporting: New details link George Santos to a cousin of sanctioned Russian oligarch

The New York congressman once claimed Andrew Intrater’s company was his “client.” Another Intrater company allegedly made a deposit with a firm where Santos worked.

This is just one of the reasons why #DONNews offers an entire page for this crucial information segment.


When I moved back to the east coast to build a 24-hour NewsChannel, I insisted that we cover hyperlocal news and truly serve our community.

Hyperlocal journalism focuses on news that would usually not be covered by larger mainstream media outlets, which tend to follow stories of interest to a citywide, statewide, or regional audience.

News vs Views

Another stereotype is that in place of original reporting, pundits do little but vent their opinions about the day's issues. Again, this stereotype isn't totally fair, but many bloggers do spend most of their time sharing their subjective thoughts.

Expressing one's opinion is very different from doing objective news reporting. And while opinions are fine, blogs that do little more than editorializing won't satisfy the public hunger for objective, factual information.

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