Hyperbole Presidency

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His extraordinary level of turnover is not only highly disruptive, demoralizing and inefficient, but it is ultimately making it more difficult for this idiot to advance an agenda if he can make a decision and stay with it.

The Greeks used hyperbole, also known as exaggerations. The word is related to hyperballen, to throw over or beyond," from hyper- beyond + bole a throwing, a casting, the stroke of a missile, bolt, beam, from a nominative of Ballen "to throw". OK, do you know what it means when folks call it BS?

Do you have a good B.S. detector? You need one in our digital age. Spotting false information rubbish, lies, nonsense or, fake news is essential in this day and age.

Have you noticed a #POTUS pattern being used here? Do you know about the boy who cried wolf?
Who is constantly starved for attention, which is the reason why all media manipulators exaggerate.

What's the White House's word worth? Conflicting and misleading statements put White House credibility under the microscope. Trump's impulses put White House credibility on the line

Trump signs a budget deal after raising government shutdown threat

There have been stories about extramarital sex and oval office comings and goings, Americans must take the nation back. From Stormy Daniels to John Bolton, will America ever recover from Donald Trump?

The #MarchForOurLives participants have finally taken the focus away from all the DC drama caused by all the @POTUS chaos. Their message is loud and clear and it begins this year. #VoterRegistration because our nation's future is here and now … #CityImages @USAgov #USA

Once you've seen, read and heard enough bloodshed, sweat, and tears #DONews

Congress passed a $1.3 trillion spending bill that ignored the president's priorities. Does he know he's the biggest loser? The biggest spending bill loser: President Trump…

A survey of nearly 200 political scientists ranks Trump as the most polarizing U.S. president of all time