I Know Nothing About Politics...

Submitted by ub on Sun, 03/22/2015 - 11:59

This was the first phrase I learned when I arrived to the US and could barely speak English. My parents were trying to protect their children because of Fidel Castro's Revolution, The Cuban Missile Crisis and issues surrounding the base in Guantanamo.

However, politics is what decides much in our lives. From how our health care is set up, which subjects schools are teaching to salaries we will be earning as adults.

Do we want to sit on the side and have other people influence that, or do we have a voice to be heard? Make an effort to gain political understanding from a variety of sources and don't get overly devoted to one source. Even if there is a disagreement with a particular stance, try to understand why it has supporters and where they're coming from.

We may find ourselves in the same situation as Reagan, Bloomberg and others switching sides, or perhaps our beliefs will be reinforced.

Either way we're likely to learn and be readily able to empathize with opposing factions. We should become familiar with politics and our country's system of government.

In the United States, every citizen can vote at age 18. It's our duty to vote and also to be informed. The people and laws that are voted on affect everything that happens around US.

As my folks later used to say, if we don't vote we really and truly can't complain.

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