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Folks in Celoron New York are seeking fundraising opportunities to fix a statue, make improvements, or replace the one erected to commemorate Lucy Ball Arnaz.

Those wishing to see the bronze statue of Lucille Ball, situated at Lucille Ball Memorial Park in Celoron, improved upon or replaced may find solace in the village's attempt at fundraising to accomplish just that.

The local community member are not very happy with the statue of Lucille Ball in the hilarious red head's hometown, just outside Jamestown in western New York, which erected a life-size statue to honor the beloved actress, but now they have some explaining to do.

A facebook page is getting plenty of attention after a frightening statute of LUCY has been erected in her New York hometown.…

We think this group may be needing more than a good publicity agant. I Love Lucy Full Episodes Season 1 Episode 31 The Publicity Agent via @YouTube