I Missed You

Submitted by ub on Fri, 09/20/2019 - 11:41

I dearly missed you for double-digit days and especially on some cold and lonely nights. I sincerely hope that I'm never left without you.

After a couple of long weeks, I could not help noticing how quickly you warmed up and how happy you made me feel when I began taking off my clothes. The hotter you got the more excited I then became.

As I came closer to your wet embrace, my skin got goosebumps which caused tingles throughout my body. We were together once again. I sang out loud Hallelujah to rejoice our reunion. I adore you and I always and forever will swear by the way you make me feel.

Thant’s because I was living without hot water from two weeks and for me, there's nothing better than a hot relaxing shower to wash off the sweat, germs, and grime accumulated during the day, and to ease my stress away. A hot shower is nice for muscle relaxation before going to sleep, as a hot shower activates the parasympathetic nervous system which is what makes us tired.

Hot showers also provide:
Relief from respiratory symptoms
Helps with blemishes, Muscle relaxation
Hot showers relieve respiratory symptoms with steam surrounding you as a natural remedy to reduce cold and cough symptoms.
The heat from the water and the steam can help with blemishes, which allows cleaning out the trapped dirt and oil off our skin.
Hot showers are good for muscle relaxation as it relieves body tension and soothes fatigue.

Tankless On Demand Water Heaters are efficient and they Rock!

According to #CR, Consumer Reports points out that rather than storing water, tankless heaters use coils to heat the water as you need it. They’re more energy-efficient than a storage tank but provide only a limited flow of hot water per minute—about 3.5 gallons, depending on inlet water temperatures.

They’re best for people who typically aren’t drawing water for more than one user at a time—such as running a shower and dishwasher simultaneously.

Tankless models are best for homes that use natural gas to heat the water; electric models might require an expensive upgrade of the home’s electrical capacity.

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