I Like Surprises

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An old school buddy Dennis Thomson, has got to be one of my favorite childhood pals. He recently surprised me once again. This time with a ticket to a very special concert he had invited me to a half century ago and now wanted us attend the 50th Anniversary concert tour of a famous folk singer. A performer we enjoyed in the New York area the first time was at MSG, while this one was at PAC.

Dubbed the “Sunshine Superman” tour, kicked off with a benefit concert in NY, it has included stops at New York’s Carnegie Hall, the Boulder Theatre, San Francisco’s Regency Ballroom and lots more. A percentage of ticket sales go to benefit his Children’s Fund, a division of the David Lynch Foundation.

The repeat performance was from non other than Donovan Philips Leitch, also known as DONOVAN. This 71 year old Scottish singer, who describes himself as a bohemian troubadour is also a fine songwriter and guitarist.

His amazing popularity has continued through the years and lasted this long because Donovan offers a distinctive style of music which blends folk, jazz, pop, psychedelia, and world music.

Donovan also shared many stories. My two favorites were about collaborations and inspirations from the likes of Country Joe, who suggested smoking bananas could be the very next phase, and the time Paul McCartney dropped by his place unannounced and Donovan wound up helping Paul with lyrics to Yellow Submarine.

Take a listen to some of my favorites, which DPL performed live on stage with no back-up band. All he needed was a microphone, his acoustic guitar and a little help from his many geriatric, adoring audience. His website, or follow him on Twitter @donovanofficial ‏

Catch the wind via @YouTube

Season of the Witch via @YouTube

Universal Soldier via @YouTube

Mellow yellow This brought back memories. It was my DaD's favorite.

Jennifer Juniper via @YouTube

There Is a Mountain via @YouTube

Remember the Alamo via @YouTube

Royal Albert Hall Donovan Jimmy Page Sunshine Superman long start via @YouTube

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