ICE Cold?

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The number of "Bad Hombre" labels given to immigrant “criminals” who are being targeted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, should only apply to approximately half. From the total number who've been arrested during the latest detention and deportation raids. Half of those had traffic convictions, or no criminal records whatsoever, according to the federal government.

ICE data shows half of the immigrants arrested in raids had traffic convictions or no record.

There is a growing number of Americans who feel that immigration arrests may undermine local law enforcement. ‘Collateral’ immigration arrests threaten key crime alliances.… via @sfchronicle

@jorgeramosnews: The Trump policy is emphasizing the arrest of people who have done nothing wrong

In fact, public safety officials are blasting state’s “sanctuary cities” legislation. Police chiefs unite in opposition to Texas sanctuary cities bill.…

A US immigration court in Georgia has warned ICE agents they may have committed “egregious” racial profiling. Immigration judge finds racial profiling in a detention case.…

And how expensive it for US taxpayers to deport each person? How much does it cost to deport one migrant? via @usatoday

Meanwhile, a known MS-13 gang member has been arrested by ICE in Long Island, NY.