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Since Barack Obama was first elected, there have been over two million people deported from the United States. That’s more than were thrown out of this country under George W. Bush in his eight years and more than double the number during Bill Clinton’s presidency. It’s more than any president, ever.

Why? Perhaps President Obama wanted to prove to Congress that he was tough on immigration, hoping for comprehensive immigration reform. So far, that plan hasn’t worked out.

Congress has only stepped up calls for enforcement-only immigration reform. In fact, some members of Congress have stated that they won’t support comprehensive reform because they’re afraid the president won’t enforce the law.

With so many American households made up of a mix of U.S. citizens and permanent or undocumented residents, the millions of deportations carried out in the past five years have separated thousands of families. An estimated 150,000 U.S. citizen children had a parent deported in 2012 alone.

Right now, even without Congress, President Obama has the power to help put into place simple immigration reforms that can help alleviate these enforcement policies.

This is an immigrant nation and it’s time for US to live up to the Constitution’s guarantee of fundamental fairness.

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