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As voters we have more power over our country than we think. We must not be influenced into thinking what our politicians want us to think.

1) We must be willing to invest in building and electing politicians that have the best interest of the middle class. We need to build and support our own PAC's. It will take investing, but we are already leveraging credit and working endless hours to survive.

2) We need to invest or purchase goods from corporations that pay taxes, mostly small businesses and community banks. The products might cost more and the interest rates may not be favorable, but we know that these companies contribute to our country and our well-being.

3) We need to save money and protect our wealth!!

Here is an example. When politicians campaign to lower taxes, we need to know who really benefits from that. Who's taxes are REALLY lowered?

Who likes to work endless hours to pay their bills? Do you enjoy getting into debt to survive? How about the expensive college educations (Did you know that college was free prior to 1970's?). The cut-backs on public service is a part of what's hurting our economy and the decrease in public jobs.

I know this is hard to believe so I wanted to prove it. And here it is. At one point 1940's tax revenue was coming from mostly corporations, Franklin D Roosevelt era. Taxes slowly decreased, but were kept between 50-60% of the individual income tax revenue. The problem escalated in the 1970's when Richard Nixon was president, it snow-balled with Ronald Reagan, and then climaxed with both George Bush's. For more information about the income inequality dilemma,

BY: Dennis Sanchez