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This is the land of the free, and home of the brave, with the most powerful military in the world.
Headquarters to the largest companies on earth. the best technology and proudest people.
A country made up many races creeds and religions.
The nation helps everyone around the world and intervene in conflicts.
Has one of the best histories out of almost every country even though they are fairly a young country.
A large nation, but not too large population.
Biggest Country in the world if you take unused land by Russia and Canada in which most parts are in habitable.
Home base to the Great Lakes, The Rocky Mountains, and National Parks.
Capital of Entertainment Hollywood, home to the most famous people on earth.
Winner of the most Olympics Games and the best sports in the world.
First country to have a presidential system of democracy.
Headquarters to the United Nations.
Home to New York. NY The Big Apple or World's Capital.