India vs Pakistan

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The tensions between India and Pakistan have intensified and these two nations may be on the brink of war. This is really serious.

There is good news and then again there is also bad news. Experts fear the increasing possibility of a conventional war and in that case, Pakistan would lose and could possibly resort to nukes.

As tensions among these two nations continue, some are trying to build bridges and dialogue between the two neighboring countries.

Problems between India and Pakistan, not many people are interested in this conflict and those trapped in Kashmir, between these two states determined to resolve their issues by force.

Pakistani security personnel patrols the border checkpoints near the India and Pakistan border at Wagah. Pakistan was set to free a captured Indian pilot in a "peace gesture" aimed at lowering temperatures with its nuclear arch-rival.

As war threats loom between India and Pakistan, here’s how the nuclear rivals’ militaries compare

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