Indoor Waterfalls

Folks enjoy watching waterfalls and architects even designed them as indoor attractions, but not for 190 Fordham, City Island.

The Nautical Winds Condominium, managed by Josh Koppel’s HSC Management located in Mount Vernon NY continues to fail with our efforts to deal with water entering the building every time a storm, or Nor'easter passes by News York City. A close look at their ratings issued by users, tenant reports, and unit owners says it all.…

A Springtime nor'easter has created havoc on parts of New York, leading to power outages and flooding.

City Images is based inside a solid structure with a weak management company and an apathetic board of managers, who have been notified of this recurring problem but have done nothing in response. This is turning into another Nor’easter nightmare A nor'easter is a synoptic-scale extratropical cyclone in the western North Atlantic Ocean. The name derives from the direction of the winds that blow from the northeast. The original use of the term in North America is associated with storms that impact the upper north Atlantic coast of the United States.

Tonight, I found myself moving containers near the windows of the living room and bedroom to collect water that keeps dripping and seeping through the ceiling.

We have been forced to contact New York State authorities requesting assistance in this progressively growing and dangerous issue.

The weather forecasters warned us of the coming storm days ago. Powerful nor'easter to bring a late blast of winter next week…

This is what the National Weather Service is reporting about our NYC area in zip code 10464. A Nor'easter will continue to bring gusty winds, heavy snow, heavy rain, coastal flooding, and rough seas to the Northeast U.S. into Tuesday night.