Infinite Infidelity

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This is a reminder that @POTUS44 President Barack Obama never has any sex scandals or ever needed to hire multiple lawyers in the entire 8 years of his presidency.

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Republicans keep trying to reassure us Trump won't fire Mueller. Tillerson, Dowd and McMaster in the last 10 days, so Congress must go on the record against it.

Who has broken promises not only to remain faithful to spouses but also to our entire nation? Breaking vows take many forms, from multiple marriages Here's a timeline of the president's many marriages and rumored affairs to verbal agreements with - We The People.

As unthinkable as the notion of breaking these bonds may be, infidelity is a pattern that some people don't seem to take seriously. Whether it is about paying taxes or keeping your word about who will pay for a wall.

Infidelity is about screwing others, but betrayal can be a dangerous disorder. It is about severe secrecy, insane Internet behaviors, unwillingness to share information, strange spending habits, extremely private sessions, conversations, special agreements, or secret tax returns.

The universal definition of betrayal is that individuals don't behave in ways that make the relationship feel safe. If anyone feels threatened, then there is an immediate need to make significant changes. To some marital infidelities are considered personal, but our national safety and security is everyone's business and making sure our leadership is beholden only to Americans is the most serious matter.

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Unfaithfully yours may be seen as a betrayal in the eyes of the beholder. Treason is another matter altogether.