Insane USA Poiltics

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Which politicians have been described as has been called stupid, demagogue, jerk, idiot, racist, sexist, race-baiting, xenophobic, Vulgarian in Chief, textbook narcissist, selfish, attention-seeking, servile flatterer; a fawning parasite, homophobic, doofus, dense and in some cases by their own friends and colleagues?

Is @POTUS correct, that the world laughs at us? But is it for a different reason? In a year we have lost our global leadership status and American founding fathers sobbing while turning in their graves?
Trump: 'The World Laughs At Us'

Who will succeed the president after a single wretched term? Voters are angrier than ever at all politicians. Congress and the White House are under GOP control, but are incapable of working together on anything, even when their interests align. President Donald Trump's Lies | The Last Word |

With lawmaking at a standstill, the president’s use of executive orders and regulatory discretion has reached a level that Congress views as dictatorial and Congress can't do crap, except file lawsuits at The Supreme Court.

All Of President Donald Trump's Lies | The Last Word | MSNBC

The US would be less politically alienated recognizing one little-noticed distinction in policy debates.…

Trump Accuses Democrats of Playing Politics with Memo…