Inviting Friends and Neighbors for Coffee, Tea and Me

Submitted by ub on Tue, 08/30/2011 - 15:49

Serving coffee and tea is popular in our world of gourmet offerings. It’s easy to get imported, organic and unusual beans and brews. But what’s the best way to serve the good stuff to your guests in style?

Selecting, brewing and serving coffee depends a lot on personal preference and details like kitchen space and time. As there are many types of coffee-brewing options, from drip to French press to espresso, you’ll want to consider the brewing method you like best. There are also a large number of coffee makers to choose between. Consider how much counter space you have and how often you will make coffee when deciding how much to spend on a model.

You’ll need to stock up on either ground coffee or whole beans which you grind yourself. This is based on personal preference, though many coffee drinkers report that fresh ground coffee tastes best. If you decide to grind your own, you might invest in a quality coffee grinder. As you choose types of coffee, be aware of Web sites that rank coffees from around the world. You can also scope out the local coffee spots to see if they offer coffee tastings.

When you are serving coffee to guests at your place, it’s nice to have a few varieties on hand so they can choose their favorites. Or you can offer up your house specialty. Make sure to keep cream, and sugar on hand; you might also invest in flavored syrups for added flair.

Gourmet teas have become as popular as coffees and have moved far beyond basic black tea. Now you can find a variety of flavors and types at your local grocery store, specialty food store or coffee shop. There are even dedicated teashops in some cities that specialize in helping you find a leaf you’ll love.

Serving tea allows two options – brewing a whole pot or brewing individual cups. Some teapots have built-in filters for brewing loose tea. You can also use a tea ball or tea bags to brew pots or cups of tea. As with coffee, you can offer your apartment guests their choice of tea, or you can simply brew a pot of your personal favorite. Tea parties traditionally feature small snacks like tea sandwiches and cookies, which will make your tea-time feel like a special occasion.

Serving coffee and tea in style involves more than the pour. To make your apartment service really special, choose unique cups, saucers and pots. You might choose to go all out with a fancy tea set or coffee service. If your style is more casual, find cups or mugs that reflect your personality. You can help a guest say what’s on her mind by letting her choose from a selection of funny coffee mugs. Everyone wants to be #1 Host or World’s Best Boss. You can even take your serving and sipping to a new level with clever milk and sugar containers.

The main thing to remember about serving coffee or tea at your place is to make it an occasion. Holding a hot mug and sharing stories leads to memorable moments, all punctuated by flavorful sips of great coffee or tea.