Submitted by Admin on Thu, 08/06/2015 - 10:43

The first debate of this election cycle is one of the most anticipated. The Internet is buzzing with some of the questions many American voters want answered, ranging from the serious, the confrontational, the random and the downright outrageous.

As the presidential candidate debates kick into high gear, CITY IMAGES poses a series of questions we would like these politicians to answer:

What have you done to earn our vote? What are you going to do to improve the quality of our lives? What is your plan to deal with the growing water and food shortage? Our economy? Immigration? Civil rights violations? Pollution, deforestation and global warming? Dependency on fossil fuels... etc.

We are certain there are many more issues and answers. Therefore, we invite our readers to add their priorities below, or email them to:, or to CITY IMAGES PO Box 147 City Island Station NYC, NY 10464