Submitted by ub on Thu, 07/18/2013 - 07:58

City Island Images decided to take an afternoon ride as temperatures soared towards the 100 degree mark and you believe me, it was hotter than I expected it to be.

We spoke with a cop who told me he had been outdoors for four hours directing traffic. Unfortunately, weather forecasters say that today is going to be an even hotter day.

Some less fortunate New Yorkers were forced into the city’s cooling centers and even emergency rooms. Senior citizens were hit the hardest by this amazing heatwave, flocking to NYC cooling centers to find refuge.

FDNY received nearly 4,000 calls. These latest figures represent a 33% rise from their average day.

This longest heatwave of the season is affecting over half the country, with an extended heat advisory which is in effect until Friday night.

Try to stay cool, as heat-index values will be in the 100s until the weekend.