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US voters better get ready for the political duel that will undoubtedly stun the entire nation and transform our democratic way of life.

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I love to watch the dynamics of politics and observing the nastiness. Every four years some of the most distinguished and respectable people in the country get together to insult each other. This election, I like Donald Trump. Last one, I voted for Obama, I felt he had done enough to warrant a second term. Some of the issues I see Trump being attacked in the media over I feel are unnecessary and are stupid to bring up. Others are warranted. I feel I'm not the Trump supporter that one sees in the media (uneducated, "racist", rural). I do not despise Hillary Clinton and I do not feel she would make a bad president by any means. If anyone would like to debate or ask me to explain my beliefs here, I would be glad to. I feel if we discuss our political beliefs more we can end some of this awful divisive rhetoric that divides into two groups. We should treat people who dont share our beliefs with dignity.

And I'll Lie if I Want To. This is what the 2016 political climate has been reduced to as we continually learn about flip flops, nasty accusations, and downright lies.

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