It's A Wonderful Life

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Every day, my folks used to say it. Now my wife and kids remind me to follow through. Concentrate on positive energy. That’s what head angel Joseph urges Angel 2nd Class Clarence as they review the life of GB, the hero in Frank Capra’s 1946 classic film, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

You may think this tearjerker may have absolutely nothing to do with your, life, business, or organization. But concentrate. As Joseph would say, soon you’ll be able to see all by yourself. There are lessons all of us can learn from “It’s a Wonderful Life:”

Each individuals life touches so many others, and when they are not around, they leave a real void. Clarence’s eye-opening advice for George remains one of the great driving principles of life. Nowhere is this more accurate than in real life, where we must work together at the highest of levels in order to be able to succeed.

This film would not have graced the silver screen, not to mention every home and television with each passing December, if it were not for the entire production crew from Capra himself to the screenwriter. To avoid an awful hole, make certain you have the best people top-notch folks. Conflict is guaranteed, but stay positive.

George Bailey’s antithesis, the miserly bank owner Mr. Potter, lords over the idyllic Bedford Falls like an unrepentant Scrooge, grasping at every opportunity to buy low, sell high, and place another middle-class citizen under his heel. He’s extreme, but a prime example of an authoritative force that does not waver when penalizing mistakes, innocent or not.

Don’t entrust your funds to an eccentric whose best friend is a crow. In the film’s penultimate scenes, the endearing, if absent-minded Uncle Billy misplaces a deposit totaling $8,000, landing George Bailey in the hot seat, and placing the beautiful old Building and Loan in imminent jeopardy.

Remember, no-one is a failure if they have family and friends who love and support them. Ever since a reborn George Bailey ran down the main street singing the praises of his hometown, audiences have been captivated by this heartwarming motion picture. #MerryChristmas #HappyNewsYear

But the insights the angel Clarence imparts upon George are beneficial in venues far beyond Bedford Falls.

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