Jacqueline Kyle Kall and Russell Schaller Dating...

Submitted by ub on Fri, 09/23/2011 - 14:37

These two best friends were reminiscing and totally dating themselves over the many decades they have been pals, neighbors and classmates. They sat down to have a drink, or two and speak with City Island Images about the more than seventy years they have been "bosom buddies".

The term means a very close friends. "Buddy" meaning pals. Bosom literally means the space enclosed by the arms and chest. The association is with nurture, closeness and affection. I think there may be a generational difference, but it's a fairly well-known phrase to older people. In fact, see below - There's a song in the musical "Mame" called "Bosom Buddies" and it was also the name of a TV sitcom in the 1980s starring Tom Hanks. I still hear people use it nowadays.

Jackie and Russ are both known for their quirky sense of humor, their frequent play on words and constant use of comic improvisation. When I told Russ that I would be visiting Jackie the next day to talk business, his question to me was "what type of business - Monkey business?"

Jackie is a successful Real Estate Broker, who owns and runs Port of Kall Realty at 626 City Island avenue
718 885 1111. She is undoubtedly City Island's most famous non-secret agent. Russ is a retired US Army Sergeant, who specialized in recognizance aerial surveillance and military intelligence. Sgt. Schaller was involved in aerial photography during WWII, where pilots using cameras mounted on airplanes photographed enemy targets and were remotely analyzed by Schaller and his colleagues.

Though the this odd couple have many wonderful stories to share, the one I enjoyed listening to was when they traveled in a stretch limo to Manhattan to enjoy front row seats to the "Producers" on Broadway.