Judgment Day

Submitted by ub on Tue, 12/12/2017 - 08:00

This nail-biter is just hours away, but make no mistake about it this day, Moore was less of Trump's first choice then, but today is another day. @POTUS now supports Moore despite coming out hard for his opponent during the campaign. Then when his opponent lost, Trump strangely claimed Luther did not embrace him hard enough.You know, the way some say he embraces Putin.

The race with more than one face may reflect the psyche of a man who will turn on a dime. At first, he supported Luther Strange, the candidate who ran against Roy Moore. Now it is up to Doug Jones to settle this once and for all.

Today, this is Alabama's $40 million high stakes campaign coming to the end with a special election, which will once and for all determine which presidential coattails carry more clout in Alabama. After dueling political endorsements involving robocalls, its Trump vs Obama and the winner may tip the US Senate power balance.

The mudslinging and sexually charged race to fill the seat of Republican Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a rare opportunity to win in the Deep South and gain another US Senate vote, where Republican leaders struggle to claim legislative majorities.

The state of Alabama demands Voter ID–then ironically closed driver’s license offices in predominantly black counties. What happens when a state with a tough voter ID laws makes it downright difficult for minorities to get an ID? We're just about to find out.

Roy Moore is fighting for a Senate seat and has been endorsed by Donald Trump, despite sex assault claims - but can he win?

Trump endorsed Roy Moore because he "resented" Ivanka's criticism of the Alabama candidate, report says

Secret super PAC backing Jones in Alabama exposed

Doug Jones made his final pitch to Alabama voters at a rally ahead of the special election

Judge orders Alabama to not destroy voting records in special Senate election

Charles Barkley joins Doug Jones at a rally on the eve of Alabama special election. Watch LIVE:

Roy Moore, Doug Jones all set to face off in Alabama Senate election ABC News -

Steve Bannon speaks at rally for Roy Moore: "Judge Moore is a good man"

The pro-trump group sends a 12-year-old girl to interview alleged child sex abuser Roy Moore …

In the final analysis...Is it Judgment Day, for the USA, you all?

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Too many people are critizing Roy Moore for dating 17 year old girls. In Alabama, and the majority of states for that matter, the age of consent is 16.

Criticize him for going after 14 year-olds by all means, but to say there is something wrong with dating 17 year-olds when the law says there's not is wrong to do.