Justice Sessions

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US Senator Jeff Sessions has moved one big step closer to the Justice Department. Is it one larger step away from voting rights? His voting rights history, which the Leadership Conference described as a record of hostility has over the course of 30 years, shown a skepticism toward the Voting Rights Act while being quick to inflame concerns over alleged election fraud. Jeff Sessions’ 1986 Confirmation Hearing | Flashback | NBC News via @YouTube

Washington State councilwoman arrested for outburst at Sessions hearing via @usatoday

Committee approves Sessions as attorney general, vote now moves to full Senate via @nbcnews

Sen. Franken Loses His Cool During Hearing on Sessions for AG…

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted along party lines, 11-9, to recommend the Alabama senator’s nomination for the post of U.S. Attorney General.

Before the vote, angry Democratic lawmakers assailed the candidate for failing to answer basic questions about voting rights. Sessions’ nomination is all but assured now with Republican majority controlling a 52-48 advantage in the Senate.

Jeff Sessions Approved as Attorney General by Senate Committee

Watch the vote. Senate Judiciary Committee votes to approve Sessions for Attorney General via @NewsHour