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He was doing what he normally does when an interesting individual or a wonderful opportunity crosses his path. This is how Ron Terner explained the circumstances which inspired karma kindness.

"I was standing in the rain outside of Focal Point, enjoying getting wet when I saw a woman sitting at the bus stop. I have seen her on City Island for awhile and knew very little about her, I decided I wanted to get to know her. I grabbed my camera and just starting taking pictures, I asked her what name was. She told me a name I couldn't understand so I asked if she had a nickname, Stephanie, she told me. I told her my name was Ron. I loved her smile, she felt like a celebrity because I was taking her picture. A City Islander was driving by and asked if she needed a lift which she declined. I went back to the gallery to look if I was able to capture something special I felt about her." Longtime City Island resident and businessman Ron Terner did what he does best, He has been on the island over 40 years and successfully doing business at his Focal Point Gallery.

Ron began shooting photographs of Jen, a lonely homeless lady. She suddenly began feeling special and getting lots of attention. The rest is history, or should we say their story.

WCBS TV 2 Lou Young takes over the story from here.

City Island Residents Reach Out

To see some of RON TERNER's creative variations, both old and young:

Focal Point Gallery
321 City Island Ave, Bronx, NY 10464
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