KC and The Hate-filled-Ban

Submitted by ub on Tue, 07/14/2020 - 17:42

Do you happen to know a real #Karen or a #Caren type somewhere in your neighborhood? We have all seen theIr abuse.

I actually know one whose real name is Cinda, who called the police on a member of a racial minority because she had no hot water and told the cops it was their fault, without providing any proof.

Why do these people act so creepy and thrive on being unusually crappy? Why do they enjoy blowing their horrid winds of hate?

Have you ever witnessed such behavior? If you see it, make sure you have a way of recording it to share with authorities.

Visuals of Karens exploiting their privilege when things don’t go their way have become Internet shorthand for a particular kind of racial violence white women have instigated for centuries But technology is finally catching up to their abusive behavior.

This is #MinorityMentalHealth Awareness Month. It is a time to acknowledge and explore issues concerning #mentalhealth & #minority communities and enhance public awareness of mental illness among affected #racial and #sexual minority groups across the #USA https://bit.ly/2AYlI47

The best thing to do is just to stay away from the pew odor coming out of their mouths. ADULT LANGUAGE  https://slate.com/podcasts/decoder-ring/2020/07/decoder-ring-the-karen.amp?__twitter_impression=true‬