Keeping the faith, hope and charity

Submitted by ub on Thu, 10/02/2014 - 15:44

With the growing possibility of the local Catholic church closing its doors and dwindling numbers of all religious worshipers in a New York City nautical community, City Images offers the following food for thought.

Reaching out to local worshipers is basically similar, whether in Europe, Asia, or America. Citizens prefer to personally connect with their ministers as well as with members of their congregation and to worship close to their homes, where they are deeply rooted.

In this small island of a few thousand residents living off the coast of NYC, there are currently four places to worship for now. The religious services are attended by a comparatively small fraction of worshipers.

Grace Episcopal Church
116 City Island Avenue
Phone: 718-885-1080

St. Mary's Star of the Sea Church
595 Minneford Avenue
Phone: 718.885-1440

Temple Beth El
480 City Island Avenue
Phone: 917-841-9317

Trinity Methodist
113 Bay St & City Island Avenue
Phone: (718) 885-1218