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This is what Trump wants for America... To Hate Again, with racism, misogyny, tax evasion, fraud, child rape allegations, Bromance with Russia;'s Putin and official KKK support,

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I like ice cream, you like ice cream, Hillary and Donald like Ice cream. Child molestors, murderers, and Hitler liked ice cream. Some things are just so agreeable that people of good and bad moral fiber all enjoy it. They attract a broad segment of the population.

Only a couple of national newspapers has endorsed The Donald. Now he can take pride in the support of Ku Klux Klan, a group he said he had no knowledge of, but published reports tell a different story.

KKK's official newspaper supports Donald Trump for president

The latest issue of the KKK's official newspaper backed Donald Trump for president

Current leader of KKK: Donald Trump is "the pick of the litter"…

The Trump campaign rejects the backing of the official KKK paper

Trump campaign denounces KKK's official newspaper's support @CNNPolitics