Is This Leadership?

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He's threatened nuclear war and embraced neo-Nazis while on VACATION. Let's hope he doesn't do any work.

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demeans, degrades, destroys, scares, slanders, bewilders and embarrasses US.

What happens to a leader who thinks he's the #1 Boss and CEO of US but in reality works for and was elected to represent all 333 million people of The United State of America? How past U.S. presidents have addressed racism and bigotry…

Eight months into office, why has Trump yet to appoint key agency watchdogs? Is he really a stranger in a strange land, or is he carrying out a plot?…

How can anything get accomplished by destroying laws, eliminating safeguards and attacking political party leadership on all sides of the isle? Trump's attacks could leave him friendless if impeachment comes 'Toxic!': Trump hits back at GOP senators after criticism… Trump lashes out at Republicans, as the GOP tries to distance themselves from him…

Will more people be killed or injured before we the people wake up and take notice? Virginia governor: Charlottesville was about hatred, not a statue

Is there a sinister plan to destroy democracy in America as we know it? How close is this great nation to being shattered, or crumble? We must uphold the notion that all men are created equal. Fascism is not our future it cannot be; we cannot allow it to be so but this is surely the way fascism can begin:

In a face-saving attempt, following the resignations of several CEOs following the fallout from Charlottesville, Virginia's white supremacist violence. CEOs to Trump: No, you’re fired

@POTUS is increasingly isolated as his chosen business panels are dismantled by him.

Democrats mount an effort to censure Donald Trump, reports @conor64:…

Has anyone ever stopped to ask why it is that Trump quickly attacks everyone but Vladimir Putin? Trump, the alt-right and the Kremlin: White supremacists’ Russia links are no secret