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Public speaking is a common fear and some folks even go as far as to characterize it as a terror, which is why effective public speakers with powerful presence are so often admired and rewarded, especially in professional media circles.

A strong presentation conveys leadership, confidence, and competence. It gives you a definite advantage, whether speaking before a packed house, a small team, your current boss, or your potential boss.

Great public speakers are trained. The first part teaches nuts-and-bolts tips and techniques to become a more confident and competent public speaker. The second part, students are assessed on their abilities to apply the learning to specific presentations and coached to address areas of improvement.

You will come out of the course knowing how to convey points publicly with impressive authority, strong audience appeal, and greater confidence about public speaking opportunities. Terror be gone!

In this class, you will learn:

Tactics to captivate and engage an audience
"Power Periods" and oral techniques to project competence
How to walk, gesture, and position your body to convey strength
Techniques to impress in the crucial first 20 seconds
How to interact with displays, notes, and PowerPoint presentations
Customized ways to improve your own personal public speaking style

By the end of class, you will: Speak confidently, with authority to engage any audience.