Submitted by ub on Fri, 11/08/2013 - 20:22

A judge grants a temporary injunction to block construction of the City Island Bridge after NY State Senator Jeff Klein and City Island residents filed a law suit against NYC to stop an updated design.

The proposed bridge to replace the existing 100 year + bridge is a steel-cable structure, which many feel is out of place because of its modern looking high tower.

This action comes after months of pleading with the Department of Transportation to reconsider its proposal. The project has been in the planning stages much longer. If construction proceeds, the new bridge will be the first cable-stayed bridge built in the State of New York.

Some residents, including the The City Island Civic Association and The City Island Camber of Commerce say the new bridge should be simple, like the one they have now. They say the new bridge plans are too flashy and too expensive, costing over $100 million.

This is the same Jeff Klein who promised residents he would install dozens of cameras throughout City Island years ago, and the same politician that allegedly offered The Italian Hospital Society public funds to help build a controversial assisted living facility on City Island, which he has also flip-flopped over.

Jeffrey "come lately" Klein says he's been granted an injunction on further bridge construction. Where was Klein years ago when planning started? Will his efforts be too little to late? Stay tuned... Only time will tell.