Lessons Learned

Submitted by ub on Thu, 08/17/2017 - 13:17

How should public safety officials handle the next white nationalist rally? While Charlottesville police are facing criticism for not intervening forcefully enough to stop the violence, law enforcement around the country is discussing the best tactics of crowd control.

A “Patriot Prayer” rally is scheduled later this month in San Francisco. Charlottesville Cops Were Slammed for a Hands-Off Approach. Local Police Across the Country Are Taking Notice.…

San Francisco leaders are not pleased about the rally, which will be on federal land. Concealed handguns among fears of planned ‘white supremacist’ rally in San Francisco

How police can avoid stoking violence. How the Police Failed in Charlottesville…

However, casting the first stone should always be considered and prevented. Protests organized by the left have also turned violent and prominent liberals, who are calling on the right to condemn Charlottesville, should keep that in mind. Charlottesville -- Here is why the violence is going to escalate |

Too many media outlets downplay violent political crimes from the left. The Media Mislead America about Domestic Terror Threats