Liar Making Frivolous Claims

Submitted by ub on Sun, 07/11/2021 - 13:39

Our founding fathers made it crystal clear while writing The US Constitution,  that by the way, have you read it in its entirety?

Know that It does not matter what language we use, the message is going to be the same… #LoserLiar #TwiceImpeached #LameDuckDonald. Tu demanda contra Facebook, Twitter, Google y YouTube no tiene mérito… Your lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube is without merit… 针对 Facebook、Twitter、Google 和 YouTube 的诉讼毫无.

You have to produce discovery about your 1/6/21 sedition  ... The Republicans most certainly don’t want to go anywhere near there. You keep showing how dumb you really are by filing baseless lawsuits. Right after being charged with a sweeping and audacious illegal scheme. 

You are a liar and everybody knows it. You can’t back up your false clams with facts, so you spread them over rapidly shrinking media outlets that will not fact check your made-up allegations. Here’s the most recent example of what happens to a toxic liar.…

The Washington Post stated in January 2020 that you made more than 16,241 false or misleading claims as president, an average of about 14.8 such statements per day. The Toronto Star which said that, as of May 2019, you made 5,276 false statements since his inauguration. Your false or misleading claims reportedly totaled 30,573 over 4 years.

New York prosecutors charged your Organization and your chief financial officer with running a 15-year tax fraud scheme.

The 73-year-old pleaded not guilty to allegations he dodged taxes on $1.7 million in perks that should have been reported. THE NEW YORK TIMES 

Explaining the charges. THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

 “All nonsense,” says the former guy. NEW YORK DAILY NEWS 

Some think that it’s going to destroy your crumbling empire. BLOOMBERG 

Read the 15-count indictment. SUPREME COURT OF NEW YORK