Lifetime Achievement Award

Submitted by ub on Thu, 04/19/2018 - 18:59

Dear friends and colleagues, I am humbled to be nominated for a prestigious lifetime achievement award. This is presented for cumulative career accomplishments in communications, journalism, and education.

If you are one of the many people whom I have had the honor and distinct pleasure of working with and calling Friend, Amigo or Péngyǒu and you wish to write a personal recommendation, please do so on LinkedIn -

As some of you may recall, I began my career as a student intern for Washington Post-owned WPLG TV 10 where I anchored that station's first Spanish-language news and public affairs programs. From there, I went on to dedicate my distinguished media career to a series of news and information startups and turnarounds.

In 1979 I was hired to launch NBC News' The Source, a young and hip radio network. I also helped launch Hear & Now and News Overnight.

In 1987 I steered Spanish International Network into Noticiero Univision, as well as Hispanic Broadcasting Company into Telemundo Noticias, two of America's top Spanish language Newscasts.

In 1992 I was recruited by George HW Bush to serve as GM15-10 Division Chief for Spanish language USA TV.

In 1997 I was hired to launch NYC’s first regional cable channel, News 12, The Bronx.

In 1999 Associated Press tapped me as NY Bureau Chief and Operations Director for North America.

Since 2005, I have worked as a media consultant for Imaginus and in Academia for various US colleges and Universities. I also lectured and presented my research on the importance of Chinese language education in America.

The following reports offer a mix of news content I personally wrote and produced. These include- Hear & Now with Roger Mudd 1981 featuring my interviews with NYC street artists, along with segments on the shooting death of John Lennon and on the lucky anniversary of Sesame Street.

1977 reports from Miami at WINZ News, with Mohamed Ali before he became a celebrity, and from WNWS WQBA bilingual reporting abilities.

1978 interview with National Hurricane Center Director Dr. N Frank who was warning Americans about global warming and dangerous zones like New Orleans and Houston before these areas were devastated by storms.

1979 report with Dr. E Teller outlining the benefits of nuclear power before the meltdowns at Chernobyl and 3 Mile Island.

A 1986 feature about Cuba’s Mariel Boatlift and its aftermath as immigration became a hot-button issue.

Finally, Second Sunday a 1981 documentary on The Bay of Pigs, with Marvin Kalb, including a report from John Chancellor in Russia. 57 years after this failed invasion, a non-Castro has taken over Cuba's failed economy. He is 57 years old and history will recall that US taxpayers paid nearly $57 million dollars worth of reparation to Castro after that invasion. The following is a series of samples of just some of the stories, which I have produced over the years. file:///Users/owner/Desktop/SS%20.wav…


Thanking you for your friendship continued support,

Roberto FE Soto