Living Longer

Submitted by Admin on Sun, 05/07/2017 - 13:59


There are basic rules to help us live longer from my point of view.

Be Inquisitive:
Trying to learn something new every day can be problem-solving: digging into a book, scientific research or news articles or asking questions and actually listening to the answers requires cognitive muscles.

Eat Plants and Vegetables:
Replacing meats with fruits and vegetables can go a long way toward slashing calories in a more satisfying way to stay alive longer.

Keep A Positive Attitude:
Death is non-negotiable, which is probably what makes it seem so terrible. But the number of years you get not to mention the way you spend them can in many ways be up to you.

And make sure we get plenty of rest because sleep is the best medicine.

On the anniversary of this smash hit. #CITYIMAGES sends this to Albhy, Karl, Barry. RIP: Robin & Maurice.