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I'm an older gentleman and honestly I've only had sex with one woman, the woman I'm still married to. We've been married 43 years and still have moments of intimacy. It's amazing how long we've been doing it for. It was June 1970 when we first made love. We grew up together in Galveston Texas, and my now wife's family lived right on the beach. But they had a pool as well. They had a pool in their back yard and then about 300 feet from that was the beach. Now that house would be worth a lot of money but they had to sell it in 1987 when my brother in law, Tim got AIDS. I remember the summer of 1970 well. My friends father bought a brand new, Plymouth Superbird, white and had a big wing on the back. It was the most radical car I had ever seen. My wife and I had just turned 16 and we were both affected by the turbulent times going on. The summer of love was a few years before and the naked hippies at Woodstock brought a new feeling a liberation for one's naked body. There was a production of Hair in the local park and they had the nude scene. My wife and I had saw it, and we both thought it was the craziest thing. Later that day, we went to her house for a swim. We had been friends since we were 5, but never were romantic at all. Her parents went out that day and left us alone to swim in the backyard, I in my swim trunks and her in a bright yellow bikini. We were talking as we always did when the conversation turned to the production of Hair we had seen. We were laughing about how crazy it was when my girl said "Theyd like this" and pulled her bikini top over her head and slid her bottoms down. It shocked the hell out of me and she started laughing hysterically at my stunned reaction. She came over to me and said "And youd be like this." And she pulled trunks down my legs and over my feet. We were standing there seeing eachother naked for the first time and things naturally happened. Neither one of us had ever had sex before but we were eager to try with the house empty and the backyard to ourselves. It was tremendous and we still have sex at least once a month. I feel like that same 16 year old kid everytime we do it and I think it keeps us young. If it makes you as young as you feel, this old boy may never die.

Adult content follows... Although there are some obstacles to sex as people get older, including vaginal dryness in women; or erectile dysfunction in men, continuing to get it on extends lives.

Folks who remain sexually active live longer. Although that could be because healthy people tend to have more sex, research shows some specific health benefits to doing the wild thing.

It releases oxytocin, the "feel good hormone," reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and helps with sleep. One study comes to prove that orgasms reduced the risk of prostate cancer. It represents being physically able and active, which increases longevity. It also represents having meaningful, positive emotional relationships, which help increase the quality and quantity of our lives.

So if you can and are able, the best thing to do is to keep getting it on.

Since we're on the subject. Have you heard the one about the commando and chief and the porn star?

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Forget about all of that, if it fights disease, burns calories, promotes well being, reduces pain, helps you look younger; then why not try it, you may like it and learn why sex might be the key to a long and healthy life forever and ever...etc.