Loser Donald

Submitted by ub on Wed, 06/02/2021 - 12:59

His progressively irresponsible delusional election claims may continue to grow more intense as he comes closer to an indictedment.

Was it shut down for good because it was so bad? Writing a daily blog is not expensive and no one knows that better than me. He apparently wanted to stop the humiliation because he had just sent this graphic above with a desperate email to a select few of his dwindling flock, who apparently have just about had enough. The Trump organization said his online presence would redefine the game, but as his blog disappears after less than a month, it redefines the real meaning of lame.

As the funds from the blog dry up we wonder what will be the next big trick? Rumor has it his rallies start up again but has he paid the bills for all his previous rallies?

#TwiceImpeached #OneTerm #LameDuckDonald Trump, never wanting to be one-upped by @Instagram @Twitter @Facebook or any other social media sites have now banned himself from his own site because nobody cares. He is yesterday’s liar and after he was fired his baggy pants are on 🔥  FIRE. WHY? A Four letter word. TLDR

What is TLDR, you ask? It’s internet geek-speak for “Too Long, Didn’t Read.” It’s what people sometimes write in reply to social media posts that are long and tedious. So what went wrong for Trump? One of Twitter’s most frequently decried restrictions, its 280 character limit, may have turned out to be Trump’s greatest asset. Brevity, as they say, is the soul of wit, and if nothing else Twitter kept Trump brief in lieu of that which he could never be, witty.

Let us never forget that it was six months ago that he instigated an assault on The US Capitol and only a year ago that he gassed American for a photo op holding up a book that he apparently never reads.

Slowly I Turned" is a popular vaudeville sketch wherein a character is relating a story and is triggered into violent outbursts when the listener inadvertently utters a triggering word or phrase. Versions have also been performed in movies and on television. Niagara Falls is in NEW YORK… Just like Sing Sing Prison and with a TOWER.